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Tubes: Amateur Radio

OrderNameRussian NameCost, $
[order it]3CX300A 70.5
[order it]3CX300H 70.5
[order it]4CX250BC 90
[order it]4CX250BC/Y644 90
[order it]4CX250BM 98
[order it]4CX250BT 102
[order it]4CX350H 150
[order it]4CX400H 100
[order it]4CX800H 168
[order it]4X150H 102
[order it]6AS7 5.9
[order it]6B46 43.5
[order it]6BM8 7
[order it]6BQ5 4.5
[order it]6BQ5HC 4.8
[order it]6C19n 5.9
[order it]6C33C-B 19
[order it]6C33C-V 19
[order it]6C41C-B 14.9
[order it]6C45P-E 22
[order it]6DJ8 3.8
[order it]6H23n 8.5
[order it]6H23n-EB 8.5
[order it]6H2n call
[order it]6H2n call
[order it]6H2n-EB call
[order it]6H8C 3.9
[order it]6H9C call
[order it]6N6P call
[order it]6N6PI call
OrderNameRussian NameCost, $
[order it]6N6POC call
[order it]6P45C 21.6
[order it]6S52NB call
[order it]6SJ7 3.8
[order it]6V6 1.9
[order it]ECL82 2.9
[order it]GM-5B 104
[order it]GMI-11 call
[order it]GS-15B call
[order it]GS-23B call
[order it]GS-9B call
[order it]GU-19-1 call
[order it]GU-32 call
[order it]GU-33B call
[order it]GU-34B call
[order it]GU-34B-1 call
[order it]GU-43B 120
[order it]GU-50 call
[order it]GU-5B call
[order it]GU-70B 128
[order it]GU-71B call
[order it]GU-72 call
[order it]GU-73B call
[order it]GU-73P call
[order it]GU-74B 224
[order it]GU-78B call
[order it]GU-81M call
[order it]GU-84B call
[order it]GU-91B 490
[order it]GU-95B call

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All tubes and their analogs are manufactured in Russia.
If you do not find your tube type listed, please contact us!
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