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Tubes: Glass Tubes

OrderNameRussian NameCost, $
[order it]12C3C call
[order it]12X3C call
[order it]1J17B call
[order it]1J24B call
[order it]1J29B call
[order it]1J37B call
[order it]1P24BV call
[order it]1Z11P call
[order it]1Z18B call
[order it]1Z21P call
[order it]2C51 call
[order it]2X2 call
[order it]2Z2C call
[order it]396A call
[order it]3Z18P call
[order it]3Z22C call
[order it]4Z14C call
[order it]5654 call
[order it]5670 call
[order it]5702 call
[order it]5Z3C 3.3
[order it]5Z3S 3.3
[order it]5Z4C call
[order it]5Z4G call
[order it]5Z8C call
[order it]6080 call
[order it]6267 call
[order it]6385 call
[order it]6A15P call
[order it]6A5P call
[order it]6A5PI call
[order it]6A6PDR call
[order it]6A6PE call
[order it]6AC7 call
[order it]6AH6 call
[order it]6AJ8 call
[order it]6AK5 call
[order it]6AK5V call
[order it]6AL5 call
[order it]6AS6 call
[order it]6AS7 5.9
[order it]6AU6A call
[order it]6B32 call
[order it]6B46 43.5
[order it]6BA6 call
[order it]6BA6W call
[order it]6BL8 call
[order it]6BM8 7
[order it]6BQ5 4.5
[order it]6BQ5HC 4.8
[order it]6BR5 call
[order it]6C12 call
[order it]6C19P 5.9
[order it]6C19PV 5.9
[order it]6C19n 5.9
[order it]6C2BV call
[order it]6C33C-B 19
[order it]6C3PDR call
[order it]6C41C call
[order it]6C41C-B 14.9
[order it]6C45P-E 22
[order it]6C4C 16
[order it]6C52NB 18
[order it]6C5D call
[order it]6C6BV call
[order it]6CC41 call
[order it]6CM5 call
[order it]6CW7 call
[order it]6D13D call
[order it]6D14P call
[order it]6D16D call
[order it]6D2 call
[order it]6D20P call
[order it]6D22C 2.7
[order it]6D2C call
[order it]6DJ8 3.8
[order it]6DX8 call
[order it]6DY5 call
[order it]6E1P call
[order it]6E5C call
[order it]6EH7 call
[order it]6EJ7 call
[order it]6F10 call
[order it]6F12P call
[order it]6F1P call
[order it]6F32 call
[order it]6F36 call
[order it]6F3P call
[order it]6F4P call
[order it]6F5P call
[order it]6F6C call
[order it]6F6S call
[order it]6FC7 call
[order it]6GB5 call
[order it]6GV8 call
[order it]6H23n 8.5
[order it]6H23n-EB 8.5
[order it]6H2n call
[order it]6H2n call
[order it]6H2n-EB call
[order it]6H8C 3.9
[order it]6H9C call
[order it]6I1P 9
[order it]6I4P call
[order it]6J10BV call
[order it]6J10P call
[order it]6J10PER call
[order it]6J11P call
[order it]6J1BV call
[order it]6J1P call
[order it]6J1PEV call
[order it]6J20P call
[order it]6J22P call
[order it]6J23P call
[order it]6J2P call
[order it]6J2PEV call
[order it]6J32P call
[order it]6J38P call
[order it]6J38PEV call
[order it]6J43PE call
[order it]6J46BV call
[order it]6J49PD call
[order it]6J49PDR call
[order it]6J49PDRU call
[order it]6J4P call
[order it]6J51P call
[order it]6J52P call
[order it]6J5BV call
[order it]6J5P call
[order it]6J6A call
[order it]6J9P call
[order it]6J9PE call
[order it]6K13P call
[order it]6K4P call
[order it]6K4PEV call
[order it]6K6AV call
OrderNameRussian NameCost, $
[order it]6L16 call
[order it]6L6G 35
[order it]6N13C call
[order it]6N14P call
[order it]6N15P call
[order it]6N16BV call
[order it]6N16BVI call
[order it]6N17BV call
[order it]6N18BV call
[order it]6N1P 2.1
[order it]6N1PEV 7.4
[order it]6N1PVI 7.4
[order it]6N23P 8.5
[order it]6N23PEV 8.5
[order it]6N23n 8.5
[order it]6N23n-EB 8.5
[order it]6N24P call
[order it]6N28BVI call
[order it]6N2P call
[order it]6N2PEV call
[order it]6N30PDR 40
[order it]6N3P call
[order it]6N3PE call
[order it]6N3PEV call
[order it]6N3PI call
[order it]6N5P call
[order it]6N6P call
[order it]6N6PI call
[order it]6N6POC call
[order it]6P13C call
[order it]6P14P call
[order it]6P14PER call
[order it]6P14PEV call
[order it]6P15P call
[order it]6P15PER call
[order it]6P15PEV call
[order it]6P18P call
[order it]6P1P call
[order it]6P1P call
[order it]6P1P call
[order it]6P1PEV call
[order it]6P30B call
[order it]6P31C call
[order it]6P36C call
[order it]6P36S call
[order it]6P3C call
[order it]6P3CE call
[order it]6P41C call
[order it]6P44C call
[order it]6P45C 21.6
[order it]6R3C-1 12.9
[order it]6R3S-1 12.9
[order it]6R3S-1 12.9
[order it]6R4P call
[order it]6S15P1 call
[order it]6S19P call
[order it]6S19P1 call
[order it]6S19PV call
[order it]6S2BV call
[order it]6S31b call
[order it]6S33S(V) 15
[order it]6S3PDR call
[order it]6S3PEV call
[order it]6S3S call
[order it]6S41S call
[order it]6S41S1 call
[order it]6S45PE 22
[order it]6S4PDR call
[order it]6S4PEV call
[order it]6S4S 16
[order it]6S52N1 call
[order it]6S52NB call
[order it]6S52NB call
[order it]6S5D call
[order it]6S6BV call
[order it]6S7BV call
[order it]6S9D call
[order it]6SJ7 3.8
[order it]6STWTS(V) call
[order it]6V2P call
[order it]6V3A call
[order it]6V6 1.9
[order it]6X2PEV call
[order it]6X3S call
[order it]6X6C call
[order it]6X7BV call
[order it]6Z10P call
[order it]6Z11P call
[order it]6Z19P call
[order it]6Z4P(EV) call
[order it]7586 call
[order it]7587 call
[order it]7895 call
[order it]879 call
[order it]E180F call
[order it]EAA91 call
[order it]EB91 call
[order it]EC1010 call
[order it]ECC84 call
[order it]ECC88 call
[order it]ECC89 call
[order it]ECC91 call
[order it]ECF80 call
[order it]ECH81 call
[order it]ECL82 2.9
[order it]ECL84 call
[order it]ECL85 call
[order it]EF183 call
[order it]EF184 call
[order it]EF86 call
[order it]EF93 call
[order it]EF94 call
[order it]EF95 call
[order it]EL36 call
[order it]EL500 call
[order it]EL82 call
[order it]GY501 call
[order it]N709 call
[order it]SG-15P-2 call
[order it]SG-16P call
[order it]SG-1P call
[order it]SG-1PEV call
[order it]SG-202B call
[order it]SG-24B(V) call
[order it]SG-2P call
[order it]SG-2S call
[order it]SG-3P call
[order it]SG-3S call
[order it]SG-4S call
[order it]SG-5B call
[order it]SG-7 call

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All tubes and their analogs are manufactured in Russia.
If you do not find your tube type listed, please contact us!
We have many other tubes. Please contact us for availability and prices.

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