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Tubes: Industrial

OrderNameRussian NameCost, $
[order it]12C3C call
[order it]12J1L call
[order it]12P17L call
[order it]12X3C call
[order it]2J27L call
[order it]4X150H 102
[order it]6A5P call
[order it]6A5PI call
[order it]6AG7 call
[order it]6C2BV call
[order it]6C33C 19
[order it]6C33C-V 19
[order it]6C6BV call
[order it]6D16D call
[order it]6F6C call
[order it]6F6S call
[order it]6J3 call
[order it]6J4 call
[order it]6J8 call
[order it]6K3 call
[order it]6K4 call
[order it]6L10 call
[order it]6P31C call
[order it]6P9 call
[order it]6S17KV call
[order it]6S19P call
[order it]6S19PV call
OrderNameRussian NameCost, $
[order it]6S2BV call
[order it]6S41S call
[order it]6S45PE 22
[order it]6S5D call
[order it]6S6BV call
[order it]6S7BV call
[order it]6S9D call
[order it]6STWTS(V) call
[order it]6V2P call
[order it]6X2PEV call
[order it]6X6C call
[order it]6X7BV call
[order it]6Z10P call
[order it]6Z11P call
[order it]6Z19P call
[order it]6Z4P(EV) call
[order it]GM-5B 104
[order it]MTX-90 call
[order it]PMI-2 call
[order it]TG1-0,1/30 call
[order it]TG3-0,1/1,3 call
[order it]TGI1-1000/25 call
[order it]TGI1-500/16 call
[order it]TGI2-260/12 call
[order it]TGI2-400/16 call
[order it]TR1-15/20 call
[order it]TR1-6/15 call

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All tubes and their analogs are manufactured in Russia.
If you do not find your tube type listed, please contact us!
We have many other tubes. Please contact us for availability and prices.

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