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Tubes: Modulator Pulse Tubes

OrderNameRussian NameCost, $
[order it]GMI-10 call
[order it]GMI-11 call
[order it]GMI-14 call
[order it]GMI-14B call
[order it]GMI-16R call
[order it]GMI-19B call
[order it]GMI-26B call
[order it]GMI-27A call
[order it]GMI-27B call
[order it]GMI-2B call
[order it]GMI-30 call
[order it]GMI-32B call
[order it]GMI-32B-1 call
[order it]GMI-34A call
OrderNameRussian NameCost, $
[order it]GMI-34B call
[order it]GMI-37A call
[order it]GMI-41A call
[order it]GMI-42B call
[order it]GMI-46B call
[order it]GMI-47A call
[order it]GMI-5 call
[order it]GMI-6 call
[order it]GMI-6-1 call
[order it]GMI-7-1 call
[order it]GMI-83V call
[order it]GMI-89 call
[order it]GMI-90 call

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All tubes and their analogs are manufactured in Russia.
If you do not find your tube type listed, please contact us!
We have many other tubes. Please contact us for availability and prices.

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