Modulator triode for serial plate modulation circuits and electronic voltage stabilizers.
Envelope: metal-ceramic.
Cooling: forced air (34 m3 per hour).
Mass 200 g.

Lead diagram

General characteristics

Filament voltage, Volt 6.3
Anode voltage, Volt 600
Grid voltage, Volt 30

Filament (heater) current, A 2.45 to 2.85
Plate current, mA no less than 500
Reverse grid current, mkA no more than 30
Grid voltage, V -40 to -30
Grid cut-off voltage, V no more than-400
Mutual conductance, mA/V 14 to 26
MU (gain coefficient) no less than 6
Warm-up time 1.5 min
Inter electrode capacitance, pF:  
input no more than 25
output no more than 1
transfer no more than 10
Operation time, h more than 1000

Limited operating values

Filament voltage, V 6 to 6.6
Peak plate voltage, V 2200
Peak cathode current, mA 500
Average cathode current, mA 250
Grid voltage, V -400
Cathode pulse current, A 34
Anode dissipation, W 300
Grid dissipation, W 1

Plate-grid curvesPlate curves