Pulse modulator tetrode.
Envelope: metal-to-glass.
Cooling: forced air.
Mass 2.5 kg.

Lead diagram

General characteristics

Filament voltage, Volt 6.3
Anode voltage, Volt 1000
2nd grid voltage, Volt 800
Plate current, mA 1000

Filament (heater) current, A 344
Plate current, A 1.80.5
Reverse 1st grid current, mkA no more than 50
1st grid voltage, Volt no more than - 100
Mutual conductance, mA/V 24 to 31
Gain coefficient of 1st grid in relative to 2nd grid 112
Inter electrode capacitance, pF:




output 6
transfer 0.7
Operation time, h more than 2000

Limited operating values

Filament voltage, V 6.2 to 6.7
Anode voltage, V 5000
2nd grid voltage, V 900
Anode dissipation, W 3500
1st grid dissipation, W 45
2nd grid dissipation, W 110
Operating frequency 250 MHz

Plate-grid and plate curves