High Performance Beam Power Tetrode

6n45c is a beam power tetrode intended for use in class A, AB or B audio amplifiers and for class B or C RF amplification. Close manu-facturing specification tolerances and improved high voltage processing provides improved reliability and superior performance.


6n45c features:

Increased peak cathode emission from new cathode materials; Stable operation from extended processing and aging; Gold-plated grid; Precise grid/screen alignment; Extra-heavy glass envelope for ruggedness; Improved vacuum processing; Comprehensive testing before and after aging.




Heater:                                                                                     min               nom             max                .

Voltage (AC or DC)                                                                   5.7                6.3              6.9               V

Current @6.3 volts                                                                                         2.5                                  A

Transconductance (nominal)                                                                                            18,000        mS

Plate resistance (nominal)                                                                                                  8000         ohms

Interelectrode capacitances (typical):

Grid to plate                                                                                                                         2.5            pF

Grid to cathode                                                                                                                     25            pF


Cooling                                                                                                                 Radiation and convection

Base                                                                                                          Nine pin magnoval, glass button

Basing diagram                                                                                                                         JEDEC 9RJ

Anode connector                                                                          1/4" plate clip, standard sweep tube type

Operation position                                                                             Axis vertical, base down or horizontal

Nominal dimensions:

Diameter                                                                                                             45.6mm (1.75 in)

Base to top of envelope                                                                                     96.6 mm (3.81 in)

Overall height (not including plate cap)                                                          105.3 mm (4.145 in)

Overall height (including plate cap)                                                                117.9 mm (4.641 in)

Net weight                                                                                                                          110 gm

Maximum Ratings

DC plate voltage                                                                                                                    900               V

DC plate voltage, pulsed                                                                                                      8000              V

DC cathode current                                                                                                               500            mA

DC screen grid voltage                                                                                                          300               V

Screen dissipation                                                                                                                      7             W

Plate dissipation                                                                                                                       35             W

Dimensional Data


Typical Operation, Class A1, Audio Amplifier (single tube)


Plate voltage                                                                                                                            500            V

Screen voltage                                                                                                                         280            V

Grid no.1 voltage                                                                                                                      -82             V

Peak grid drive                                                                                                                           50       Vp-p

Plate current, no signal                                                                                                               70        mA

Plate current, max signal                                                                                                           100        mA

Effective load resistance                                                                                                          1650    ohms

Distortion at 1 watt into 8 ohms                                                                                                  0.9        %

Power output at 5% distortion                                                                                                     14          W