6N9S (6H9C)

Double triodes, used as an low frequency power amplifier.
Envelope: glass.
Mass 34 g.

Lead diagram

General characteristics

Type 6N9S
Filament voltage, Volt 6.3
Anode voltage, Volt 250
Grid voltage, Volt -2
Resistance in cathode circuit, Ohm --
Type 6N9S
Filament (heater) current, mA 300
Anode current, mA 2.3
Reverse grid current, mkA £1
Dissipate cathode-heater current, mkA £20
Mutual conductance, mA/V 1.7
Gain coefficient 70
Vibration noise (by RA=2 kOhm), mV £400
Inter electrode capacitance, pF:
output 1
transfer 4
Operation time, h ³1500

Limited operating values

Type 6N9S
Filament voltage, V 5,7-7
Anode voltage, V 275
Cathode - heater voltage, V 100
Anode dissipation, W 1.1
Resistance in grid circuit, MOhm 0.5

Operating environmental conditions

Type 6N9S
Acceleration of vibration loads, g 2,5
by frequencies, Hz 10-150
Acceleration of multiple impacts, g 35
Ambient temperature, ° -60 to +70
Relative humidity at up to 40°C, % 98

Plate-grid and plate curves

Plate curves Plate-grid curves