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The VI4-100/50 pulse rectifier tube is designed to operate as a clipping element in a cyclic or pulse burst mode

Cathode: indirectly heated, oxide-coated
Envelope: glass-to-metal
Anode cooling: forced air
Working position: upright with anode down
Height: at most 470 mm
Diameter: at most 134.5 mm
Mass: at most 6.5 kg

1 - cathode and heater; 2 - heater; A - anode

Vibration loads:
frequencies, Hz 1-80
acceleration, m/s² 98
Multiple impacts with acceleration, m/s² 392
Ambient temperature, °C -60 to +85
Relative humidity at up to +35 °C, % 98

Electrical Parameters
Heater voltage, V 27
Heater current, A 23-35
Peak anode reverse voltage, kV, at least 50
Peak voltage change (at peak anode current 100 A, pulse duration 1-3 µs, pulse 1/duty factor 200), kV:
at heater voltage 27 V, at most 2.5
at heater voltage 24.3 V, at most 2.65
Warm up time (at anode voltage change 2.5 kV, peak anode current 90 A, pulse duration 1-3 µs, pulse 1/duty factor 200), s 180

Limit Operating Values
Heater voltage, V:
maximum 29.5
minimum 24.5
Heater current, A:
maximum 35
minimum 23
Anode voltage (positive), kV 2.5
Peak anode reverse voltage, kV 50
Anode dissipation, kW 2.5
Peak anode current, A 100
Minimum warm up time, s 180
Minimum peak anode current 1/duty factor 200
Maximum pulse duration, µs 3
Temperature, °C:
anode 150
bulb 180